Organic Flower Jar | 3.5 Grams

CHAMPAGNE | Tangelo x Boost

THC: 22.158% CBD: 0% Total Cannabinoids: 25.75% Also known as Banjo OG, this hybrid has a pungent, sweet, citrus aroma and flavor. Although potent, the effect is balanced, bringing the consumer euphoria without triggering anxiety.

SOUR DIESEL | Chemdawg x Super Skunk

THC: 18.7% CBD: 0% Total Cannabinoids: 21.76% This heavy sativa has a distinct aroma of gas. Light green buds with a perfect, tight structure. The effect is energetic and focused.


THC: 0.474% CBD: 10.385% Total Cannabinoids: 11.49% We are proud to offer this earthy cherry aroma true 20: 1 CBD strain. The small amount of THC does a great job of activating the effects of the CBD without offering any of the negative side effects associated.

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